Our History

Read how this library was established and how it has evolved to become such an important part of our community.

Pocahontas had no library prior to 1922, when the library committee of the Women's club organized a small library.  On February 1, 1932, the Town Council passed an ordinance establishing a free public library for the town of Pocahontas, with a tax levy of $100.  Each year following there was a steady increase in library income.  A fee of $1.00 per year per family was charged for rural users until July 1975 when the libraries in the county began to share tax money.

In 1944 the library was housed in a corner of the Town Hall and consisted of the Council table and five cases of books.  It was housed at the Town Hall/Fire Station until 1959 when the combined City Hall and Library were built.  This facility was built with municipal electrical funds.  When the library was moved into this building, it appeared so expansive it was hard to imagine the space would ever be filled up.  The library at that time boasted 1800 square feet with all new book shelves, circulation desk, tables and chairs.  It was spacious and comfortable and served well for may years.  As time progresses new services were added, more holdings were acquired and it was necessary to install additional book cases and equipment.

By the mid 1970's adequate space for library acquisitions was no longer available.  In order to keep current materials in the library, something had to be removed to make room for it.  Conditions became worse and the Library Board of Trustees began to look at alternatives for accommodations for the library needs.

Community fund raisers were held over a period of eight years.  Donations were received and the board considered how to proceed.  In October, 1986, the board learned it had won a grant of $78,000 from the Library Services Construction Act, Title II and was able to proceed with plans to build an expanded facility.

The former Pocahontas REC building became vacant at this time and was purchased by the city for the city Hall/Police Department,  The Library Board of Trustees was then able to acquire the east half of the City Hall/Library building and made plans to add the necessary square feet to this structure to provide for the present needs of the library and for years to come.  The new facility officially opened to the public on Sunday, September 27, 1987.

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